How Do I Get Abundance?

How Do I Get Abundance?
How Do I Get Abundance?

I was guided to write the blog because so many people on the earth plane struggle with the energies of Abundance.

So what is Abundance? What does it mean? Why don’t I have it because I am a good person I should have abundance? How can I pay my bills? Oh no, not another bill. The heater broke down and how will I pay for it? How can I get more money? It’s “always never enough”. These are some of the thoughts that go through people’s minds round and round over and over again. How do I get off this merry-go-round of “not having enough”?

How do I get Abundance?

In order to receive “abundance” as in of money or someone giving you something you must be open to “receiving”. Abundance is the feeling of “knowing” that you are supported by the Divine Abundant Universe of God’s energy. Abundance is not only money but “feeling that you are blessed with love, joy, peace, happiness, safety and trust. Let’s say you order a pizza and the pizza guy comes to the door and you don’t take THE ACTION to open the door. You will not receive what you have asked for. So this is the same with abundance. This is an important aspect of abundance. You need to ask spirit for it and then open the door by surrendering to spirit. Allow spirit to give you that money any which way it will come. A good visualization to do to receive abundance is visualizing that you are worthy of abundance and receiving it now. See a lot of money in your hands or a very large check and thank spirit as if you already have it. Continue to visualize this every day.

There is another aspect to this: There is the aspect of Giving abundance. It is good to do this in 2 ways:

  • Visualize yourself giving out abundance from your heart to those around you in need it does not have to be physical by this vibrational abundance. You can also give to organizations or whatever or whoever you like physically.
  • When you are out and around people or at the grocery store etc., silently wish them abundance. Wish the heater man who fixed your broken heater abundance and so on. This is an important aspect to understand. When you get this piece then it becomes easier to vibrate at the level of vibrational abundance.

I call this Vibrational Abundance when you feel and think of abundance from your heart for others and when you think of yourself receiving it because you are worthy. Physical Abundance is when you give it out to others or receive it.

People seem to forget about the vibrational aspect of Abundance as that sets the “Vibration’ for all good abundance to come to you. When you vibrate at the level of Vibrational Abundance then you automatically send it out from your conscious and subconscious levels of self and then the universe sends it back to you. In order to reach Vibrational Abundance you need to be able to “feel it in your heart”. Feel the love for the man who comes in to fix your heater that broke. Feel that you want to give him abundance as he is fixing this for you and you want to give him “his abundance”. Feel that you want to give back to the people who made the new heater you are getting etc.. If you honor this and pay the heater man gladly (remember these thoughts are in your mind and need not be expressed physically) then the energy comes back to you more easily but it has to come from the heart. If it doesn’t you will be thinking and “trying to feel it for the wrong reason” and you will not be at that vibrational level yet. It can take time to reach that critical Mass point of “Vibrational Abundance.”

Vibrational Abundance: Meditation

Abundance is everywhere. It is in the air you breathe. Just Breathe in Abundance as you are worthy – see the flower blooming – see the many seeds go to the ground – see those seeds manifest more and more flowers – see this continuing till you see flowers everywhere throughout a field of light all around you. See these flowers as abundance and that all the flowers are everywhere. See the flowers as if they are all around you in the ethers and you just breathe their majesty into you. Ahh, you are breathing in the joyful loving energy of abundance in all its pure glory! Breathe this in every day and be Thankful. Then say this: “ Thank you Divine Source, my higher self, angels and guides and bring me more.”

Further healing and help with abundance can be had in sessions with Gabriele or Joel. Gabriele will also make an audio Cd file for everyone individually specifically for their issues with abundance and the help in clearing the issues. Contact us for an appointment.

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