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Aura Photography with Gabriele and Joel

The history of auras begins very far back in our past. Once auras were only seen by the clairvoyants and mystics, yet today science has investigated and proven that auras exist. The researchers recognize the aura as the electromagnetic field of all living creatures. The first aura photograph was taken in 1891 by Nicola Tesla. The Soviet Union expanded this investigation with their well-famed ‘60’s research projects. By 1975, UCLA scientists measured the aura with extreme accuracy. This aura-imaging photography is based on the research of Kirlian photography, electro-acupuncture and biofeedback systems. The new technology of the 90’s has made it possible for you to see the colors and energies of your aura.

How does it work?

The picture you are receiving starts when you place your hands on fine sensors that measure your electro-magnetic field. This information is transferred into the camera and then becomes the colors in your Fuji photo.

What is an Aura?

An aura is the sum of your multi-dimensional being represented by color vibration. It is sometimes seen with brilliant colors when you are happy. The picture that is taken is a vibration of your essence, all that you are at that moment in time.

What does it mean?

The layers and colors of our auric field reveal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of who we are as well as abilities and personality traits. The auric imaging photo can have different color combinations and depending on the intensity, shade and position of the aura precise analysis is possible. By learning about your colors, you can understand more about your personal make-up.

What is it for?

The aura photograph is an excellent biofeedback resource. It teaches you about your subtle auric energies and the interrelationship of body-mind-spirit and how you can alter physical, emotional or spiritual patterns. Feelings and thoughts can be interpreted and brought to more conscious awareness. It can be used as support in energy work, body work, alternative healing modalities, counseling, psychotherapy and athletics.

All Aura Photography sessions are available by appointment only. Services are available either in person, by phone or both. Paypal is available.

Aura Photography | Gabi and Joel
Gabriele and Joel began offering Aura Photography so they could prove that we are much more than just our physical bodies


  • Aura Photograph Without Printout of Chakra Energies          $65.00*
  • Aura Photograph With 6 Page Printout of Chakra Energies          $70.00*
  • Aura Photograph With 14 Page Printout of Chakra Energies and Extended Explanation of Chakras          $80.00*
  • Aura Photograph With 30 Page Printout of Chakra Energies and Extended Explanation of Chakras Including All Sections of Your Aura          $90.00*


* All Aura Photography sessions will include a 5 minute interpretation from Joel along with your Aura picture.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help bring forth the magic flower of love in all of us. We do this through individual sessions of channeling and or healings, webinars, lectures, blogs, newsletters and events.

Intuitive Channeling | StarlightAngels

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to help each individual recognize fully their own true spark of Divinity. The magic essence in each one of us has now the chance to rise from the ashes. We also seek to provide a safe and nourishing area for growth, while helping individuals release their fears and activate from within a greater sense of purpose, love, peace and happiness.

Intuitive Channeling | StarlightAngels
  • I highly recommend Gabriel Weber for healings and readings. I have been going to Gabriel for 10+ years and she is amazingly accurate. A session with Gabriele is the best of multiple worlds — energy healing, medical intuitive, channeled guidance, etc. Distance is not an issue as appointments by phone are as powerful as appointments in person. Gabriel has helped me in many areas of my life including healing the energetic and physical body along with providing channeled information that helps me make informed decision.

  • Gabriele appeared at a very dark period in my life. A time when I was questioning my value as a mom as well as a person. I have never met anyone as intuitive, selfless, warm or caring Gabi used healing modalities to transport energy to help open my heart chakra and bring all the love and joy back. My intuition is crystal clear and this gift has helped my journey become that much sweeter. My family members have been completely transformed by going to sessions for help. She intuitively knew my dad not only had a kidney stone before my dad had any pain . She also knew my dad needed to get a second opinion on the doctor he choose. Gabi saved my dad from losing his left kidney. I have passed her business cards to people I think need her. I have received e-mails with such gratitude for connecting them to her. Gabriel is the most powerful healer I will ever meet. There are no words to express how much she means to us. Have you ever met a intuitive nutritionist . What a gift!

  • After two severe car accidents and multiple surgeries, physical and emotional therapies, I was left with, sever depression, chronic pain and fatigue that the doctors had no answers or anything to offer. I had given up on any type of normal functioning life and actually life in general. I started to work with Gabrielle and not only found hope but relief on my chronic pain and fatigue and am able to enjoy the life I am meant to have and the energy to follow my dreams and live again!

  • Through her channeling-intuitive abilities, Gabriele guides people through the troubles of their lives, and their conscious/subconscious/superconscious minds are explored. Working with my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, Gabriele has helped me with past life and present traumas, guilt, pain and suffering. The Guides and Angels work with Gabriele to clear blockages and allow healing. I always leave a session with Gabriele feeling whole, refreshed, mentally strong, and pain is eased in trouble areas. I also leave with a mantra and areas to work on with positive thinking until my next appointment. I have seen people's troubles eased from Gabriele's guidance and healing. With her vibrational healing, it can also potentially have physical healing.

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