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Aura Photography | STARLIGHTANGELS
Aura Photography | STARLIGHTANGELS

In 1996, Gabi and I and 2 of our friends went to New York City to attend and expo. We saw an Aura Camera there and had our pictures taken. Gabi can see auras and she was able to see all our colors before we had our pictures taken. My aura was orange-one of our friends was blue and the other was violet. Every color she saw came out as the predominate color in our aura pictures. We were amazed. I investigated the technology and was very satisfied on how it works. We got an Aura Camera so that we could show people that we are much more than just our physical bodies. We have taken 1,000’s of pictures and they are all different with different meanings. Recently we took a picture that had angel wings on the shoulders of the person taken. We are a very thankful for our Aura Camera and to Guy Coggins for his wonderful Aura invention.

We have been on television at East Stroudsburg University where we did a workshop and took many pictures. We were also at Townsend State University where we did a workshop and took pictures.


The history of auras begins very far back in our past. Once auras were only seen by the clairvoyants and mystics, yet today science has investigated and proven that auras exist. The researchers recognize the aura as the electromagnetic field of all living creatures. The first aura photograph was taken in 1891 by Nicola Tesla. The Soviet Union expanded this investigation with their well-famed ‘60’s research projects. By 1975, UCLA scientists measured the aura with extreme accuracy. This aura-imaging photography is based on the research of Kirlian photography, electro-acupuncture and biofeedback systems. The new technology of the 90’s has made it possible for you to see the colors and energies of your aura.

How does it work?

The picture you are receiving starts when you place your hands on fine sensors that measure your electro-magnetic field. This information is transferred into the camera and then becomes the colors in your Fuji photo.

What is an Aura?

An aura is the sum of your multi-dimensional being represented by color vibration. It is sometimes seen with brilliant colors when you are happy. The picture that is taken is a vibration of your essence, all that you are at that moment in time.

What does it mean?

The layers and colors of our auric field reveal the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of who we are as well as abilities and personality traits. The auric imaging photo can have different color combinations and depending on the intensity, shade and position of the aura precise analysis is possible. By learning about your colors, you can understand more about your personal make-up.

What is it for?

The aura photograph is an excellent biofeedback resource. It teaches you about your subtle auric energies and the interrelationship of body-mind-spirit and how you can alter physical, emotional or spiritual patterns. Feelings and thoughts can be interpreted and brought to more conscious awareness. It can be used as support in energy work, body work, alternative healing modalities, counseling, psychotherapy and athletics.

To have your Aura Picture taken, please contact us. We are available for workshops, lectures, group, corporate and individual consultations.

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