Alkal-Life – Ionized Alkalized Water Filtration System

The ALKAL-LIFE attaches to your kitchen faucet and includes these accessories; a Branch Tap connector and adapters, Water Intake Hose, Drain Hose, and pH indicator fluid for testing. The ALKAL-LIFE allows the user to adjust the pH level from Alkaline to Acidic with 8 levels from 3.5 to 14. You also have the option to choose Purified water. The ALKAL-LIFE displays the amount of water that has been filtered so you can keep track of the filter usage.

Investment: $2, 700.00, free shipping and  one  filtration cartridge included.   Contact us at or 484-682-6263 to order and any other information.


The ALKAL-LIFE IONIZING ALKALIZING WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM; The most advanced water purification and Ionizer system in the world. A U.S. F.D.A. Licensed Medical Device #300505378

Rachel Carson did her best to tell us in the 1970’s that our world needed more attention to preserve the environment. Headlines today include multiple articles regarding the ‘lack” of quality in our tap water. Unless you have well-water your water is likely contaminated with sodium fluoride, bleach, arsenic, and many toxins from the runoff of fertilizer and even drugs leaching into the water system! Simply buying bottled water is not the long-term sensible solution.

The quality of our water has a direct impact on our health. Many articles suggest for proper hydration that people need to consume 1 ounce of water for every 2 pounds of body weight. Most adults therefore appear to need 64 ounces/ 1 gallon or more of healthy drinking water every day. The commitment you make to purchase a quality water filtration system, the Alkal-Life, is a positive and lasting investment in your health and well-being. Your health is worth it!.

The Alkaline-Ionized water from our system is beneficial by Alkalizing our body pH, better elimination/detoxification, better hydration and absorption.

Our human body is designed to be Alkaline with our ideal pH believed to be approximately 6.9-7.365.

In the world we live in today it is very easy to create an acidic condition in our body through: our diet including the consumption of animal protien, caffiene and alcohol, toxins such as fluoride in our water and pesticides and chemicals in our food, emotional and physical stress, and general lifestyle,. Acid wastes are created on a daily basis in our human system and if we do not effectively eliminate those wastes they settle in our body in many ways and lead to degenerative diseases. Acids can easily build up faster than they are excreted by an overloaded system. Autointoxication literally means that we are poisoned by our own waste material. Arthritis, other types of pain, allergies, bone loss, cardiovascular disease , cholesterol, diabetes, fibromyalgia, inflammation, kidney stones, obesity, and even cancer can be created through autointoxication.

Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites thrive in an acidic environment and they expel more acid waste (mycotoxins) into our bloodstream. A healthy pH is essential to our human system. The pH balance of the blood is so important that when no more calcium is available our body leeches it from our bones (this may explain why arthritis and osteoporosis and so rampant).

The ALKAL-LIFE is the best source for healthy water, here is why:

First of all, Ionized water is a powerful liquid anti-oxidant that is easily absorbed into the body. Ionized water also neutralizes free radicals. Free radical damage causes us to age faster and is largely responsible for many diseases including cancer. Second, Ionized water is Alkaline water which maintains and balances our body pH. A proper alkaline pH creates an environment which deters bacteria, inflammation and disease. Lastly, the molecular structure of Ionized water is smaller than that of regular tap water (with tap water at 10-13 molecules and Ionized water at 5-6) which allows for better hydration, absorption of nutrients and better detoxification. In addition drinking alkaline water is one of few sources of adding Bicarbonates to our bloodstream. Bicarbonates help to reduce accumulated acidic waste in our system. Although the Medical system believes we lose Bicarbonates as we age, other studies indicate the loss of Bicarbonates is instead a CAUSE of aging.

Although it is best to only drink and cook with Alkaline water, Acidic Water does have some positive applications. Acidic Water is good for cuts, scrapes, burns/sunburns, athletes foot, rashes, showering/bathing, colds and flu (and even used in conjunction with the REJUVENA face and skin care system).

The ALKAL-LIFE uses an active carbon high performance filter with several chambers. The replaceable cartridge can filter residual chlorine from 10,000 liters or approximately 2700 gallons of tap water. The ALKAL-LIFE also contains five top-quality TITANIUM PLATE Electrodes with a Lifetime Guarantee of performance. Top-quality components create a top quality end product = superior filtered ionized alkalized water ( you get what you pay for ). Units using lesser quality and/or quantity of Titanium Electrodes run the risk of the plates corroding/contaminating and eliminating the functioning of the unit.

We stand behind the quality and performance of all products we sell. 7 day money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

For orders we accept major credit cards, business or personal checks. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE!  Contact us at or  484-682-6263


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